3 Reasons To Have Dance Parties in Your Homeschool


Who doesn’t love to dance? My kids and I absolutely love it and I’ve noticed that it brings us closer together. So when things get stressful, we want to cry, or my youngest son can’t get any work done….WE DANCE!

Last year, Jay (our youngest son) was diagnosed with ADHD. Is it just me or is everyone being diagnosed with it? Anyways, the school environment was a struggle for him! Sitting in his chair, his ability to focus on things that were uninteresting to him, being silent when needed, were all things that were difficult for him. For him, homeschooling turned out to be the better option.

When my oldest two were in public school, recess was 20 minutes a day and physical education was only offered 2-3 days a week. So where did that leave my child with ADHD? With no outlet and as a result, he acted out. At home, when he needs a break to do whatever, I give him one.

Now that we homeschool, I make sure we take frequent breaks throughout our day. My kids love to sing and dance (they are natural performers)! So we crank up the music, sing, and dance! After about twenty minutes, the tribe is usually ready to get back to work.

1. Learning is fun, let’s keep it that way! Why not have dance party breaks as a way to make everyone happy and bring your family closer together?

2. To exercise. What a great way to incorporate physical education in your homeschool!

3. To get rid of the sillies. When you have kids that squirm and can’t sit still for long periods of time…..Get them up and dance it out! That way, they can focus on their work when they need to.

What are some of the things you do during your homeschool breaks?
Until next time…..Lady Ki



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