How To Save Money On Family Portraits


Our family continues to grow every year. Whether it’s our children getting older or we have a new addition, it’s important for us to stay up-to-date with our family portraits. It is also important to stay within our budget. So every year around fall, we take new portraits! I always feel weird when I keep pictures up and one of my cubs are missing (that is another post).

See! One cub is misssing!
See! One cub is missing!

Anyways, so every fall we take family photos. Both for our wall and our holiday greeting cards. My brother Kevin Paige is a well-known photographer and graphic designer. But we don’t want to always bother him, so we don’t. Were you just thinking that was how we save money? Nope. Our children are aspiring actors and my brother helps us in that area (his headshots are amazing). For the past two years, we paid $25 for our family photos at Target. For those of you who don’t know, I LOVE TARGET! They used to offer a Groupon that included one 8×10 and a digital cd of all our prints. If you need additional prints, you can order them (they are usually 40% off around that time). We just usually get the cd and go make our own holiday cards at the Target kiosk. It ends up being cheaper than ordering through Target portrait. We usually order about 50-holiday cards and spend about $20 for them. That is .40 per card! Not too bad! Altogether, we spend under $50 for everything.

This year the deal is even better! If you just need holiday cards, Target has a pretty good offer on Groupon that now includes them. They range from $14.99-$24.99, which includes the sitting fee! If you only need a portrait, this year that option is also available ($15.99 & $25.99). Check it out here! The offer says Central Jersey but when you read the details they say any location. So check out your state for your location.

How do you save money on your family portraits?


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