Why I Think it’s Time To Wean

My little man is almost 18 months which means that he will be losing his breastfeeding privileges very soon. For months, Shaun Sr. has been asking me how long I planned on breastfeeding SJ. My answer was always vague. I would reply with, “Oh I don’t know” or “However long he lasts”. I think that he is a little weirded out at the fact that our one year can take out my boob and feed himself when he gets a little parched. My best friend, Aneya, is another person always asking when I’m going to wean him. I guess she’s pretty tired of seeing him on SnapChat pulling on my shirt, signing milk, and saying milk lol.

This process won’t be easy for us. I’m pretty sure that it may actually be harder for me than it will be for SJ because he is our last baby. But the way that this boy is attached to me is kind of insane. He is literally obsessed with nursing and I’m definitely going to have to rock a sports bra to keep him from pulling one of my boobs out.

With my other babies, I stopped nursing them cold turkey. They whined a little bit but nothing too serious. Not this baby. He has already shown me that he is going to do the exact opposite lol. As soon as he has been fully weaned I will do an informative post that includes all the steps that I took to get him there. In the meantime, pray for me lol. I’m going to have a few sleepless nights in the weeks to come.

So here is the big question! How do I know that it is time to wean? Honestly, you have to do what works best for you AND your baby. Both of you have to equally want to continue on. He wants to continue but it is no longer working for me. Which is what makes it a deal breaker!

  1. I’m over it! He is way too demanding and just ready to whip it out whenever and wherever he wants.
  2. I’m ready to sleep through the night. Co-sleeping definitely makes breastfeeding easier but I’m tired of him waking up two to three times to dine at his personal all you can eat buffet.
  3. I want to go away without the kids, without pumping, and without my breasts all enlarged and squirting all over the place.

How long did you breastfeed? Why did you stop? If you are still nursing a toddler, what makes you keep going?

Until next time……Lady Ki




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