The Ultimate Gift Guide For Women

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I don’t think that I’ve ever been this excited to do a gift guide before! These are the perfect gifts for any woman! So I am going to just jump right into it! Happy shopping!

1. Mugs– One thing that I know I cannot live without is a pretty mug! I actually only have about 5 of them at the moment because I got rid of some (to make room for more lol).

2. Apple Watch– Now that I have an Apple watch, I seriously couldn’t imagine life without it!

3. Echo Dot– Who wouldn’t want one!

4. Cozy Socks-These help me get through so many cold mornings! Mostly because my feet are always cold.

5. Keurig– Mainly because the majority of us can’t survive without coffee! lol

6. Apple Airpods- These are AMAZING!!!! I am actually praying that my husband sees this list and runs out to get me a pair. I tried my dads and fell in love with them.

7. Roomba– I know I can’t be the only one who is always sweeping and vacuuming the floors! Kids are so messy!

8. Instapot– The new craze in 2017!!!!!! No more waiting 8 hours for your roast beef!

9. Dyson Animal Vacuum– I love this thing and it attaches to the wall for an easy putaway. If you get the Roomba then you should definitely pair it with this Dyson for quick and easy stair cleaning!

10. Blanket Scarves- They keep you warm and are super cute!

11. UggsNo caption needed! lol

12. Barnes and Nobles gift card- Sometimes we just want to sit down a read a good book! Why not?!

13. Joggers– Just a little something to kick around the house in.

14. Leggings– Just because if we had enough, we would probably wear them every day! AND because these are in fact the most comfortable leggings EVER!!!!

15. Cozy Sweaters– Nothing like a cozy sweater to wear.

16. Nail Polish

Thanks for reading! Until Next time…….Lady Ki




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