Simple Decorating Ideas For Fall



It is finally my favorite time of the year……FALL! Who doesn’t love everything about fall? The beautiful foliage, the crisp weather, the fashion, everything pumpkin, and the food. It is seriously such a cozy, let’s cuddle time of year. That’s probably why I always get pregnant around that time lol. I secretly hope it happens again this year. However, Shaun has made it pretty clear that he is over it. I should probably be over it too but I’m not exactly sure that I am.

Anyways, I am so excited to share some simple neutral fall decor ideas with you. We’ve been in our home for almost three months and I haven’t even put up curtains yet or changed the hideous shades that are in here. I just really wanted to take my time, decide on my perfect colors, paint, and then create a masterpiece. I do not want to waste money grabbing things ‘for now’ but instead I want to grab pieces and materials that I will love for years to come. Well, at least for a couple of years lol.





So, in the meantime, I decided to decorate my home for seasons (really only fall) and for Christmas. Most likely as I keep the color scheme throughout my house, those colors won’t change for a while either. In this case, sticking with neutrals was the best choice for me. I didn’t really get excited about orange all around the house. Instead, what excited me was the fact that neutrals with a pop of orange looks fall as well. So that’s exactly what I did. Thanks for reading!





Have you decorated for fall yet? If not, do you plan on decorating?

Until next time….Lady Ki


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