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Earlier this week, I wrote about the importance of having an evening routine. You can read all about that here! Today, we will get into my evening routine and how I carefully prepare at night to successfully set myself up for the next day. Remember, great nights equal even better mornings! So if you are not a morning person, this post is for you! If you are a morning person, this post is for you! If you are a parent, this post is for you!

1. Make lunches for the next day. Since we homeschool, I don’t have to make the kids lunches unless we are going on a field trip the next day. However, Shaun does have to go to work so I make his lunch for the following day. At this time, I also get my coffeemaker ready as well.

2. Clean the kitchen after dinner! This one is huge!! Who wants to wake up to a messy kitchen with a sink full of dishes? It will overwhelm you every time. I used to clean the kitchen myself but now that I have a teenager and a preteen in the house, this chore belongs to them. I try to help them the best I can by cleaning as I cook. My responsibility is now a walk through the kitchen to make sure everything is done correctly.

3. Pick up around the house. We don’t normally walk around the house in shoes. So when we come in from outside all the shoes are left by the door or placed in our shoe basket. The loose shoes can get really messy. So every night the shoes need to go upstairs to whomever they belong to. I might also find other clothing articles that need to be returned to their rightful owners. If you have children, they can help with this. Xavier usually helps with this and making sure that the dining room table is cleared off for the next day. I also end up picking up toys throughout the house and bringing them to the play area.

4. Clean up the play area. This chore belongs to my girls. Both girls are old enough to clean up. They know that mega blocks go with mega blocks, learning blocks get grouped together, loose toys in bins, etc. So they work together and get it done. My job is to check on them when they are finished.

5. Sweep the floors. Who else has hardwood floors? They are beautiful but they get dirty so fast! So every evening I sweep my floors. I prefer to walk around barefoot when it’s warm and I can’t-do that unless the floors are clean. Who wants crumbs on their feet? Not I! That is sooooo annoying! LOL

6. Once I am finished downstairs, I make my way upstairs to finish up. This is the time when we get our clothes ready for the following day. Again, we only have to do this if we have plans to go out. If it is a Saturday evening, we are getting our things ready for church on Sunday.

7. I finish folding any leftover laundry from earlier so that I don’t have to look at it any longer and make sure my bedroom is tidy. I try my best to do this but most nights at this time SJ is crying for momma and wants to cuddle and be nursed.

Well, there you have it! That’s my nighttime routine. When I rise I am full of joy knowing that I can focus on the betterment of me before my babies get up for the day. You can check out my morning routine and why I get up before my kids here, if you haven’t already! What does your evening routine look like? Does it set you up for morning success? I would love to hear about it in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

Until next time…..Lady Ki

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