Why Moms Should Stop Judging Other Moms

One thing about me is that I never forget a face. I could see someone that I met in kindergarten and automatically know their name. Kinda freaky! Well, I’ve been out and about a lot this summer so I’ve seen people I used to go to school with, hang with, and work with (which isn’t hard since I shop at the Target I worked at). Usually, I get the same greetings…..How are you? How’s Shaun? Your children are beautiful! Are you done having kids (which is actually rude the way most people ask, but I’m used to it so it no longer bothers me)? Still homeschooling? What have you been up to? Now, to me, those are all pretty normal questions that you ask someone. However, today was very different.

Today I saw someone that I haven’t seen, spoken to, or connected with on social media (because she doesn’t have one) in years! Like 8 years! So you can imagine her face when she saw how very different my life was now. Especially since I have three additional kids in tow since the last time she saw me. But I will never forget what she said to me.

As she greeted me with a hug and asked me how I was doing, she looked around at my children. Then she says, “What have you been doing besides having children?” I was shocked! I proceeded with the conversation because I know how to keep my composure and ignore ignorance. Once in my van, I sat back and realized what just happened. I thought back to her facial expressions as she asked that question. Then I felt anger. Did she really just ask me that question?! That was rude. Well, to answer her question….I have not only had all these beautiful children but I am raising them as well. That is a job in itself. SO…. THAT IS WHAT I AM DOING!

I have grown so much over the years! I no longer say what I am thinking when I am thinking it. The only downfall to that is when it’s actually time to say something it takes me a little longer. I now think of other people’s feelings but that doesn’t work too well when they aren’t considerate about mine. But seriously, this counting kids thing has got to stop! Moms stop judging other moms for having as many babies as she wants (especially if they are well-taken care of). She is doing what’s right for her family. If that isn’t something that you want for your family or that you can handle, that is nobody’s business but your own. Keep it to yourself. Please and thank you.

I wonder if they know? Do they know that these are my dreams? Who are these people that feel the need to say something about my having children? The only thing I truly ever wanted to be was a wife and mom. Why are my dreams not good enough for them? Why are they even concerned with how I am living my life? I laugh because people must honestly have no idea how much joy my children bring me. If they only knew…..

“If you think my hands are full then you should see my heart.”

Until next time……Lady Ki



  • Reply Nikkita Caines August 22, 2017 at 4:16 pm

    It’s very rude of people to say things like that but common sense isn’t common. Instead of the insults. If she got children try asking you how do you do it for tips. Never mind her continue remaining humble and bless.

    • Reply Nakia August 22, 2017 at 4:41 pm

      Isn’t it? The crazy thing is that people do things like this ALL the time smh lol. Thanks for reading!

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