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So much has happened in the past couple of weeks. When I’ve been missing for awhile I always tend to start with that lol. Even though I haven’t blogged here I did blog over at Short and Sweet. My bestie, Aneya, finally started her blog and I feel honored to be able to write over there. Please, check out my post and subscribe to her blog. She has more great things coming. Okay okay, I know that the suspense is killing you so…..Here’s what I have been up to.

My family has finally started our very own YouTube channel! The Purefoys is now up and running! For awhile, people have been telling us that we need our own reality tv series. What better way to start than YouTube! We will be putting everything up on our channel. Come check us out to learn about how we homeschool, take trips to NYC, make dinner on our super busy days, grocery shop for a family of 7, and just about everything else we do. While you are watching, don’t forget to comment and subscribe!

Not only have we started a new show BUT we have also released a new song. My hubby wrote an amazing version of ABC and my kids are singing it. Our youngest daughter Raelynn was the inspiration behind the song. She now knows her alphabet because of our song. If you want to calm your little ones down in the car or just jam to some cool educational tunes, this is the song for you! Download it now! Available on all digital media outlets.

I can’t tell you some of the things we are doing without giving God the glory for it all. We waited until he gave us the vision and then we stepped out on faith. Be sure to follow us on Instagram! More great things from The Purefoys to come! By the way, did you guys see that our family pic by ThreeBabiesPhotography went viral and we were featured in an article on Bossip.com?! This is only the beginning of what God has in store for us!

Now that we are finally doing things that you guys have asked, what would you like to see The Purefoy’s do on our channel next?

Until next time……. Lady Ki


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